Choose your own color!

Contact me — sue at wrenandrose.com — to learn about having rose earrings created just for you, in your favorite color or to match a shirt or dress you love!

Single rose post earrings, custom color    $50

Choose a truly personal gift for your sister, wife, friend or yourself: Single rose blooms in a color that is purely hers.

How to order

Send me a piece of cloth or paper at least 2cm square — or a paint swatch, a gemstone, a photograph (you’ll get it back) — and I’ll make the closest match to it that I can in polymer clay.

Next, choose silver or gold-filled posts (14k gold is also possible, and so are clip earrings; contact me for prices).

Then I’ll make your custom earrings and send them to you, shipping paid, with your original color item.

Don’t cut Mom’s blouse!

There are parts inside any piece of clothing where it looks like you can snip a piece of fabric, but don’t do it to your Mom’s shirt — she’ll not be pleased if the fabric unravels!  E-mail me if you can’t get a piece of the actual fabric you want to match, and we’ll discuss options. One way around it, if you can borrow the shirt, is to take the whole thing to the paint section of a home supply store, hold up paint swatches against it, and mail me the closest match!

We’ll get it right

I’ll work with you in good faith, sending you a digital photo or an actual piece of fired clay showing how close the color match is. Click here to see the starting colors, and here to see some of the colors I’ve already created.


Shop my handmade earrings!

My shop is up and running! Here it is: wrenandrose.ecrater.com

And here are some of the earrings for sale:

I make little clay roses and then use them along with semiprecious stones to make earrings.  Here on the blog I’ll be writing about some of my pieces, and probably some about how much I love roses (I’ve been gardening since I was a little kid and have never been able to get enough roses).

Contact me at sue@sues-news.com with any questions you might have!  And thank you for looking.